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Do I Need a Decluttering Service?

Is clutter weighing you down? Clutter can be overwhelming. We gently guide you through the decision-making process so that you only keep what you love, use and need. Embarrassed to invite guests over, because of the mess? We create space in your house so that it is once again a calm, beautiful home to be proud of.


Home Organisation - FAQ's

How Much Does A Professional Organiser Cost?
The cost starts from $50 per hour. The lowest rate is for clients who commit to a minimum of 6 sessions (18 hours plus) – see Packages for more info. Under rare circumstances, sessions can be funded by an outside agency.

So, how many hours will you need? It would be great to come up with an exact formula for this but human beings don’t work like that do they!?

For optimum productivity, the ideal session length is between 3 & 6 hours.

To make proper headway on the clutter clearing & organising, a minimum of 6 hours is usually needed (which could be split into two 3 hours sessions). But the majority of clients book a block of at least 18 hours (which works out cheaper) & tackle a number of rooms in this time.

The speed depends on the volume of belongings, the type (paperwork tends to take longer), the quickness of decision making & whether you are able to do anything yourself between sessions.

The number of hours you book, can be capped depending on your budget & we will focus on the priorities during this time. Alternatively, you can space out your sessions (one a fortnight or one a month) & work on your own in between.

Flexible payment plans are available so do get in touch if you need this option so we can find a way for you to access the service.

Will You Be Shocked At My Mess?
No. Professional organisers are deeply compassionate people. Mess is expected, dust & dirt is expected & that’s what we sign up for. Allowing someone into your home is a very brave step & your vulnerability will be acknowledged & respected.

Anything discussed or seen will be treated as highly confidential & any photos only taken with your express permission.

This is about working with you to take control of your space & improve your life, rather than dwell on the past.

Why Use A Professional Organiser?

It seems to be due to the mix of practical skills & emotional support provided.

The positive impact this can have on your well-being is immeasurable. It’s about more than simply removing clutter.

It is about transforming your home into a beautiful, functional space – a sanctuary for you to enjoy rather than endure. It’s also about transforming your outlook & mind for the better.

What Does A Professional Organiser Do?

During the initial consultation, we’ll plan how best to help you sort out the clutter & disorganisation.

Once, the hands on session(s) begin, you are always present whilst the decluttering & organising is taking place (except in rare circumstances).

You always have the final say on anything that is removed or moved. Using a range of coaching & problem solving techniques, you’ll be assisted in making those crucial decisions about what to keep & discard. Crucially, you will be assisted in the donating/disposal/recycling of these items (we can remove a carload on the day)

Then your space will be expertly & beautifully organised. You will be provided with immediate storage & organisational tips, clever quick fixes plus a plan for long term maintenance.

On top of this, your mental clutter will be tackled too. For you, that might look like emotional overwhelm, time management problems, negative thoughts or bad habits – whatever it is, there is a way through.

Does A Declutter Expert Make You Throw Personal Things Away?

No! This is your process. The decisions are your decisions & you will be coached into making the right ones for you. Your organiser won’t have their own agenda as to how things should look (but will be full of ideas to inspire you)

It’s important to remember that your space & belongings are personal to you. What is clutter to one person is not to another. So every client we work with is treated as unique, capable & intelligent.

Can A Declutter Expert Help Me?
Feeling calm, content & energised in your home has a positive effect on all aspects of life. Whether you’d like to be more productive or simply have a home for all your belongings & find them quickly – these small things can make you feel a lot more content day to day.

Once organised, you’ll have more space because your possessions will be stored smartly. A clutter-free home is quick & easy to clean so you have more time for your interests.

Ultimately, living in a tidy space can help you change your whole mindset, so that you can choose to surround yourself with only that which is valuable & cherish what you have. Relationships & health can also improve when you declutter your life – the changes aren’t simply made on the surface.

Where To Find A Professional Organiser In Australia?
Visit the page in your specific area or contact us, by phone or [email protected] to discuss your general requirements.

You are encouraged to receive a free assessment in person before you decide whether to go ahead. If you want to specify the exact amount of time you book (and therefore cost) it makes sense to choose one of the Packages.

If considering specific Projects such as declutter & organise a child’s room, kitchen or whole house, it can be more difficult to estimate a timescale (although we can give you an idea) so it is best to choose by Projects