Do I have to be involved?

The short answer is yes. Ultimately the decisions need to be made by you.  For best results, we work in partnership with you on the day. In certain cases, where a client is just unable to be present 100% of the time, we can always arrange a ‘check-in’ system....

Once my home is organised, will the results last?

To a large extent, of course, this is up to you. We have found, however, that all our clients are extremely proud of the results and remain motivated to keep their home in order. We give out many tips during the sessions, too, which can be implemented on an ongoing...

I am embarrassed – should I tidy up before you come?

There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed. We have seen it all and we thrive on a challenge. Tidying up before we come is unnecessary – let the experts do it. What you do need to do before we arrive is decide what areas you wish to concentrate on first. The best...

Will one session be enough?

We can achieve a lot in a few hours. A walk-in robe or small room can be organised in one session. During this time you may be motivated to continue other rooms on your own or to book in multiple sessions. Home Organising Sydney

How do you charge?

We charge by the hour and usually work in three or four hour sessions. A surprising amount can be achieved in these short sessions. Please ring us for a quote. Decluttering Fees