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professional-organiser-lynneLynne Trevail

Lynne Trevail is a trained life coach, teacher and professional organiser.

Her goal is to help people cope with the busy demands of life, family and work by creating order and calm.  She took a stand against clutter and learnt the discipline of living with less.

It transformed her life and inspired her to do the same for others. Lynne’s teaching background is based on art and design, so she has an eye for putting a room back into order, whilst still allowing the personality of the space to shine through.

Unstuff operates from the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

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“My wardrobe was chaos. Unstuff came and rearranged the whole space and set it up so it was easily maintainable. The results are amazing, and finding an outfit is a much quicker process each morning. I can’t thank her enough.” Eliza, Queens Park